Small molecule library


Sathgen small molecule library collection includes a spectrum of molecules identified, synthesized and derivatized by Sathgen.

Cancer Drug Screening


Sathgen screen small molecule inhibitors for its ability to selectively inhibit cancer cells using a collection of cell lines representing Breast, Prostate, Oral, Cervical, Hepatic, Colon and Lung Cancers.

Screening for Drugs Targeting Cancer Stem Cells


Sathgen has developed a high throughput sphere forming assay, an in vitro surrogate assay to measure cancer stem cell properties. Using this sphere assay, Sathgen screens small molecule library for novel anti-CSC- specific therapies. In addition, Sathgen utilizes Flow Cytometry Analysis (FACS) as well as Wound-Healing Assays to measure the effect of these anti-CSC drugs. Also, Sathgen tests lead molecules in combination with standard of care drugs for identifying a synergistic combination to eliminate cancer.