Cancer Stem Cells (CSC)

Cancer stem cells are a small fraction of tumor-initiating cells which share similarity with normal stem cells with the abilities of self renewal, unlimited propagation, and multipotent differentiation giving rise to phenotypically distinct cells found within the tumour population. CSCs are highly tumorigenic subset of total cancer cell population. These cells are resistant to chemotherapy and radiation.

Sathgen Biotech is a conducive dedicated platform to research and expand the small molecule cancer therapeutics area. We design, synthesize and analyze small molecules inhibiting cancer and cancer stem cells.

Tumor tissues primarily composed of highly proliferative cancer cells, which are sensitive to chemotherapies as well as a subpopulation of slow dividing Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs), which are insensitive to the standard of care therapies. CSCs are shown to be responsible for the development of resistance to therapies, tumor relapse as well as metastasis.

Until recently, CSCs has been believed to be generated via the transformation of normal stem cells. However, recent findings clearly demonstrate that the activation of various inflammatory signaling pathways as well as signaling pathways capable of inducing epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) could also induce stem cell attributes on differentiated cancer cells. These observations, in addition to laying the foundation for the complexity of cancer pathogenesis, it also suggests that targeting these signaling pathways that promote stem cell attributes to tumor cells may work in combination with chemotherapies to eliminate cancer (Figure 1).

Unfortunately, there are no FDA approved small molecule, which specifically targets and eliminates CSC populations. Sathgen has various small molecule inhibitors in the pipeline, capable of eliminating CSC subpopulation and work in combination with standard of care therapies.